Best and Cheap ASP.NET Cloud Hosting France

Best and Cheap ASP.NET Cloud Hosting France

France is one of the largest countries in Europe. French industry has also been at the forefront in the development of technology. So no wonder if there are a lot of ASP.NET developers who need a recommendation of ASP.NET hosting at an affordable price. When hosting for ASP.NET, it is critical that Remote SQL Server management using SQL Express or MS SQL Enterprise is permitted by the hosting provider. Many windows hosting providers do not allow this. This could be frustrating for an ASP.NET developer. The hosting choices listed following are allowing remote SQL Server management. This should be part of your checklist.
Best and Cheap ASP.NET Cloud Hosting France

Top 3 Best and Cheap ASP.NET Cloud Hosting France

After doing research on many hosting in France, finally we can find best and cheap ASP.NET hosting which suitable for large and small companies. Here are the top 3 best and cheap ASP.NET hosting.

ASPHostPortal offers best and cheap ASP.NET hosting in France. They have announced their high quality data centers in France. Their service is ranked the highest top #1 spot in several European countries, such as: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and many top European countries. ASPHostPortal provides Windows hosting services that support ASP and ASP.NET programming, alongside MS SQL databases. Their ASP.NET hosting offer plans that usually run on the Windows Server platform such as Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008. Their ASP and ASP.NET hosting services enable a web site to utilize a wide range of database functions. Their best and cheap ASP.NET cloud hosting is starting from $2.00/mo only.


HostDone Inc. provides guaranteed reliable Internet access, Web hosting, security and powerful managed services that allow their customers to realize your business goals. Through their global strength and expertise. HostDone server’s are located on the 4th floor of 707 Wilshire Blvd. in downtown Los Angeles, This location enables them to connect easily to virtually any backbone provider and scale their internet connectivity to meet client’s needs. Additionally the Network is directly connected via diverse path Fiber Optic lines to many of the other carrier buildings in downtown such as One Wilshire and 818 W. 7th which host their network equipment. Services offered at these datacenters include private caged suites, cabinets, half-cabinets and rack space.


DotNetted have supplied quality Microsoft based web hosting services since 1999 and are one of the UK’s leading independent .net hosting companies. They provide services to a wide range of customers from individuals to major PLC’s, universities and local government with sites encompassing a full range of online applications from personal sites to e-commerce applications and corporate extranets. Hosting accounts include as standard e-mail virus scanning, user configurable spam filtering, web mail service and comprehensive web based visitor statistics. They offer a full selection of optional extras including MS SQL Server 2000 / 2005/2008 databases from just £6 per month, SSL encryption via their shared or your own 128-bit SSL certificate from just £1 per month and domain name registration for just £10.
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