Best and Cheap Kartris v2.9 Cloud Hosting

Best and Cheap Kartris v2.9 Cloud Hosting

Best and Cheap Kartris v2.9 Cloud Hosting – Free Open Source ASP.NET E-commerce Shopping Cart

What is Kartris?

Kartris is an open-source, ASP.NET 4.5 e-commerce system written in VB (Web Forms) and with an MS SQL database back end. It is optimized to handle sites with 1,000,000+ SKUs out-of-the-box, though it’s simple and flexible enough for sites which just have a handful of products.

Why You Should Use Kartris?

Kartris is yet another e-commerce platform provides CMS catalog system, shopping cart, payment systems and full administration back end. It is designed to utilize powerful caching and optimization features of Microsoft’s IIS web server.

Unlike other CMS, Kartris is build for 1,000,000+ brands with utmost importance given to reducing the number of queries and improving the execution of the stored procedures. The search feature of Kartris is designed to run full-text catalogs search faster even on stores with items.

In addition, Kartris is also associated with services like store hosting, technical support and custom development. Source code of the Kartris (licensed with GNU GPL v2) freely available. However, at cost of 100.00 USD ‘powered-by’ notices and GPL copyright/warranty information can be removed.

Best and Cheap Kartris v2.9 Cloud Hosting Provider was founded in 2008. It has been topping the list of almost all the web hosting review sites so far. is one of the first hosts to launch Kartris v2.9 Web Hosting on their Windows hosting platform. They will make sure that Kartris v2.9 runs smoothly on their servers and that your website is safer, faster and better supported than anywhere else! Their best and cheap Kartris v2.9 cloud hosting plan is starting at $5.00/mo. is now providing free domain and double database space for new clients to enjoy the company’s outstanding web hosting service.


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