Best and Cheap Moodle 2.9.2 Cloud Hosting – With 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Best and Cheap Moodle 2.9.2 Cloud Hosting - With 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Best and Cheap Moodle 2.9.2 Cloud Hosting – With 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What is Moodle?

Moodle is an open-sourced virtual learning environment used world wide. Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment and is an environment where lecturers and students can interact, and also where students can interact and learn from and with each other. Due to its dynamic and open sourced nature, modules and support resources are constantly being developed and improved by and the user community.

Best and Cheap Moodle 2.9.2 Cloud Hosting - With 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Moodle supports on-line engagement and participation by students and effective teaching, with combinations of activities and resources, activity completion and conditional release. It is equally suited to managing large classes and small.

What is New in Moodle 2.9.2?

  • Changing grading category aggregation method no longer results in unexpected “Extra credit” items
  • Enrolment expiration dates are now respected in meta course enrolments
  • Course/Category themes are respected when viewing website on tablets or mobile devices
  • Forms such as “Create new group” are no longer populated with passwords and usernames by the browsers

According to the official announcement:

“In addition to a number of bug fixes and small improvements, security vulnerabilities have been discovered and fixed. We highly recommend that you upgrade your sites as soon as possible. Upgrading should be very straightforward. As per our usual policy, admins of all registered Moodle sites will be notified of security issue details directly via email and we’ll publish details more widely in a week.”

Best and Cheap Moodle 2.9.2 Cloud Hosting Providers

After reviewed many web hosts, we had come out a list of the best Moodle 2.9.2 hosting which are ranked unbiasedly and independently based on the Moodle 2.9.2 features; modules, plugins and themes; web hosting reliability and performance.

To choose the best and cheap cloud hosting for your Moodle 2.9.2 websites, we recommend you going with the following best and cheap Moodle 2.9.2 hosting which have been truly tested by our editors.

Features UKWindowsHostASP.NET
Hosting Plan Host One Economy Starter
Regular Price $8.00/mo $10.00/mo £4.00/mo
Discounted Price $5.00/mo $7.00/mo £3.00/mo
Hosted Domains Unlimited Unlimited 5
Disk Space 5 GB 2 GB 1 GB
Bandwidth 60 GB 20 GB 20 GB
Database 3 MySQL @ 200 MB 1 MySQL @ 100 MB 1 MySQL @ 100 MB
Visit UKWindowsHostASP.NET was founded in 2008. It has been topping the list of almost all the web hosting review sites so far. is one of the first hosts to launch Moodle 2.9.2 Web Hosting on their Windows 2012 cloud hosting platform. They will make sure that Moodle 2.9.2 runs smoothly on their servers and that your website is safer, faster and better supported than anywhere else! Their best and cheap Moodle 2.9.2 cloud hosting plan is starting at $5.00/mo. is now providing free domain and double SQL server space for new clients to enjoy the company’s outstanding web hosting service. is one of the best Australia Windows hosting companies recommended by many professional review sites and a large number of webmasters. As a new comer, has a very brilliant reputation in the Moodle 2.9.2 hosting on the web hosting speed, reliability and technical support of their shared web hosting product.


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