Best and Cheap Knockout.js MVVM Framework Cloud Hosting

Best and Cheap Knockout.js MVVM Framework Cloud Hosting

Knockout is a popular JavaScript library that simplifies the creation of complex data-based user interfaces. It can be used alone or with other libraries, such as jQuery. Its primary purpose is to bind UI elements to an underlying data model defined as a JavaScript object, such that when changes are made to the UI, the model is updated, and vice versa. Knockout facilitates the use of a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern in a web application’s client-side behavior. The two main concepts one must learn when working with Knockout’s MVVM implementation are Observables and Bindings.

You may already be familiar with using JavaScript to manipulate elements on a web page, either via direct access to the DOM or using a library like jQuery. Typically this kind of behavior is achieved by writing code to directly set element values in response to certain user actions. With Knockout, a declarative approach is taken instead, through which elements on the page are bound to properties on an object. Instead of writing code to manipulate DOM elements, user actions simply interact with the ViewModel object, and Knockout takes care of ensuring the page elements are synchronized.

Knockout also supports binding to certain UI element events, such as the click event. This allows you to easily and declaratively bind UI elements to functions within the application’s viewModel. As a simple example, you can add a button that, when clicked, modifies the author’s twitterAlias to be all caps.

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