Best and Cheap osCommerce v2.4.0 Cloud Hosting

Best and Cheap osCommerce v2.4.0 Cloud Hosting

Best and Cheap osCommerce v2.4.0 Cloud Hosting

osCommerce v2.4.0 is an e-commerce and online store-management software program. osCommerce v2.4.0 is the leading Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License. This is the best shopping cart in the world. It has thousands of modules, ad ons, and is very flexible in allowing custom features. It can integrate with accounting software, CRM systems, and allows you to create very professional designs with it.

osCommerce v2.4.0 is a superb collaborative piece of work. It is usable ‘out of the box’, but, if you’re prepared to put in a few hours, read the tips section of the forum and install a few contributions it can quite easily be customised to produce a great, custom styled shopping experience. You can start out with no Knowledge of PHP, MySQL whatsoever, and you will be able to quickly locate the information you needed to create the store that you wanted.

What’s New in osCommerce v2.4.0?

As has been noticed, the v2.4.0 Administration Dashboard is being worked on to also bring it up to the same level of awesomeness you have all worked hard on for the shop frontend. Although they’re working hard on this, it will take a little bit of time to get all of the administration pages updated.

To help test and bug fix the shop frontend and administration dashboard further, v2.4.0 will start as a beta release series for testing and development purposes only. The first set of releases will focus on new installations first and an upgrade procedure for existing v2.2/v2.3 installations will be provided in later releases.

The first v2.4.0 beta release includes a core online update feature to 1-click apply update packages. v2.4.1 will be waiting for you as soon as v2.4.0 is pushed out to help test the online update feature.

OSC\OM Framework

Introduce a framework to replace legacy classes and functions with.

Bootstrap Frontend Framework

Replace the jQuery UI based Shop, Admin, and Setup frontend with Bootstrap.

Self-Contained Apps

Introduce self-contained Apps with support for self-defined modules and url routes.


Introduce hook calls.

Online Updates

Introduce an online update feature for the core.

INI Style Language Definitions

Move the language definitions to ini style files.

If you need reliable hosting for your osCommerce v2.4.0, this is the right place for you. In this review, we will give you our top 3 best and cheap osCommerce v2.4.0 cloud hosting USA. Let’s check it out!

Top 3 Best and Cheap osCommerce v2.4.0 Cloud Hosting

If you have chosen to use osCommerce to build your online shop, you can count on their unique handmade hosting solution. They provide multiple server locations you experience with osCommerce really fast and enjoyable. They also make sure that your osCommerce v2.4.0 website is safer and better supported than anywhere else. Their best and cheap osCommerce v2.4.0 cloud hosting USA is starting from $5.00/mo only.
Their packages include everything you need including business class 99.99% reliability and 24/7 customer support. Your osCommerce v2.4.0 site will benefit from rock solid, proven 99.99% reliability. Their 24×7 support team will even install & setup osCommerce v2.4.0 to get you started. And the most important thing is their osCommerce v2.4.0 hosting has no additional costs for extra services and no strings attached. prides itself in providing web Cloud Hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability.’s edge is derived through unparalleled company management and a culture of employee driven initiatives. With their fully support on Microsoft Windows and osCommerce in their Windows Server, is the best choice to host your osCommerce v2.4.0 Cloud Hosting. They are so confident in their Cloud Hosting services they will not only provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee, but also they give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their osCommerce v2.4.0 Cloud Hosting plan is starting from $3.00 /mo.


UKWindowsHostASP.NET offers osCommerce v2.4.0 Cloud Hosting. They offer flexible osCommerce v2.4.0 Cloud Hosting to new as well as existing customers. Given the scale of their environment, they have recruited and developed some of the best talent in the Cloud Hosting technology that you are using. Their team is strong because of the experience and talents of the individuals who make up UKWindowsHostASP.NET.

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