There are more ways to generate traffic to your web pages than you can probably fathom. For starters, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different online tactics you can use to direct web surfers to your offers.

Moreover, there are an equal number of offline strategies you can employ to do the same. And in both of these arenas, there are options that will cost you money and those that won’t.
The question is, how do you know which traffic-getting methods you should be focusing your efforts on in order to provide you with the most benefit, given your current situation?
I believe that there are two preliminary actions you must take in order to most effectively answer this question. You’ve got to be honest about this “current situation,” and then you must set your goals.
In just a moment, I will reveal what I believe to be the most powerful ways – both free and paid – to get healthy, ongoing traffic to your website. But let’s not put the cart before the horse here.
With your permission, I would really like to address my previous point first. I know you’re excited to learn the strategies, so I promise to make this quick!

Let’s start with knowing where you’re really at…

It is of paramount importance that you understand both your strengths and limitations both in terms of dollars you have to spend and hours you have to work.
If you’ve got no time, but plenty of capital, then your traffic generation options will obviously include more paid strategies. And vice-versa.
I realize this is a pretty basic principle, but it’s still worth discussing, as it really is that important that you know where you stand when it comes to the twin forces of time and money.

Now let’s set some goals…

It is also tremendously beneficial for you to know precisely what it is you’re after. This will allow you to take smarter actions that are more fine-tuned and purposeful.
For example, if AdSense happens to be your focus, then set a goal to boost your earnings to $75 a day beginning on the first day of ____.
Of course, you can do the same thing no matter what your method of monetization is. However, I would highly advise you to only choose one monetization method at a time, to eliminate the problem of having conflicting goals, or goals that dilute each other. Does that make sense?
Okay, so now for the good stuff! Here are some exceptional IM traffic generation strategies you can begin putting to use immediately after you’ve identified your current situation and set an inspiring, yet realistic goal for yourself…

If you’ve got more time than money:

  • Create free videos in your niche. Submit them to YouTube and other video sites by the dozens!
  • Grass roots flyer and/or business card marketing (offline)
  • HEAVY participation in multiple forums within your niche. Include a link to your offer in your signature.
  • Create a keyword-targeted Squidoo lens promoting your offer and SEO it up to the top of Google!

If you’ve got more money than time:

  • Outsource all of the above tasks to freelancers at oDesk or Fiverr.
  • Look into the many PPC networks out there and start campaigns with as many as you’d like.
  • Try your hand at PPV traffic!
  • Try your hand at banner advertising!
  • Take out classified ads in newspapers all over the country (offline)
  • Advertise on billboards, taxi cabs (NYC is a GREAT market for this), and buses (offline)
  • Hire an SEO company
  • JV with other talented marketers… invest in their talent and efforts!
These are merely a small handful of all the effective and creative means of getting lots of eyeballs in front of your web pages.
I find them to be among the most effective strategies out there, but you are certainly encouraged to perform additional research to uncover some really juicy techniques that I may have either forgotten or am just plain unaware of.

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