#1 ASP.NET Hosting, fast Windows web hosting, the blazing fast server with 99.9% uptime guarantee.


• Plesk, Easy to Manage ASP.NET Hosting

• 1-click Installer

• 30 Days Money Back



Best Windows web hosting for web developers and all sizes of businesses


• Plesk, Easy to Manage ASP.NET Hosting

• Free SSL, Free Daily Backup

• All-inclusive ASP.NET Hosting



ASP.NET hosting with over 10 years experience, serving asp.net Developers since Day one


• Support the latest Microsoft Technology

• Microsoft Golden Hosting Partner

• Auto Cloud Backup



Best Windows web hosting for web developers and all sizes of businesses


• Plesk, Easy to Manage ASP.NET Hosting

• ASP, ASP.NET & SQL Server optimize

• Data center in Australia, US and UK



Professional Windows Server Hosting, perfect for developers and business owner.


• Plesk, Easy to Manage ASP.NET Hosting

• Auto Cloud Backup

• One-Click-App Installer



It is headquartered in San Francisco, but they feature a worldwide customer base of 45,000+ across 83 countries.


• Plesk, Easy to Manage ASP.NET Hosting

• One-Click-App Installer

• 45 Days Money Back




ASPHostPortal.com, a Microsoft Golden hosting partner has been offering well-priced Windows and ASP.NET hosting plans for many years. Founded in 2008 and operated in New York, US ASPHostPortal.com has become an important resource for cutting-edge, high-value hosting solutions. The company also offers low priced enterprise-level hosting plans by focusing their resources on needs by ASP.NET Windows’s developers.

ASPHostPortal.com claims to be proud of their management staff who have years of experience working in the web hosting industry. ASPHostPortal’s aim is to offer the best web hosting value to their clients by offering products and solution in an efficient and effective way.

Bisend is a web host who is dedicated to offering high quality hosting service to small businesses and individuals since 2011. Unlike some other web hosts try to get you pay for various hosting features, Bisend include most of them as free in the package, including SSL certificate, SSD storage, Daily backup, Managed WordPress features, and more. Bisend now is serving for over 200, 000 customers from 190+ country, and it’s recognized as “Most Innovated Web Hosts” by many hosting review website.

When customers’ websites outgrow the existing shared web hosting plan, they can upgrade to Bisend’s VPS hosting for dedicated hosting resources and better security and uptime. Bisend VPS hosting features full management service, automatic backups & recovery, instant scaling, and many other advanced offerings.



HostForLIFE.eu's easy to use web hosting solutions have made us one of the leading Windows and ASP.NET Hosting service providers in United Kingdom (UK) for years. They were among the first businesses in the IT sector to offer a fully automated web hosting solution and we continue to lead the market through the constant development of their web hosting technology.

One unique feature apart HostForLIFE.eu is their customer care service. With personnel ready to chat with you no matter the time, it is a big advantage over their competitors. Their quick response to your questions and concerns also makes them the best on the market. Do you know how it can be very frustrating not to get through some other hosting companies support team? With their 24/7 support team in place, you will know you are getting the best value for your money.

DiscountService.biz, a new Windows Hosting company in the hosting field, strives to offer premium ASP.NET hosting service with concrete actions. Although this is a young company, DiscountService.biz offers reliable ASP.NET hosting in Australia, unbeatable Microsoft technologies, a big investment on data centers and the around-the-clock technical support.

DiscountService.biz is focused on ASP.NET hosting service. Up to now, many facts prove that this company is a good choice. This time we work out a review to analyze that whether this company has real strengths and highlights to gain customers’ trusts for a long term and to go through the test of time.



UKWindowsHostASP.NET has been providing web hosting solutions to thousands of business and websites since 2008. It gives you unlimited hosted domain, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email account, and unlimited email alias. UKWindowsHostASP.NET gives you 30 days money back guarantee if your problem will not be resolved without asking you any questions. It’s very easy to use and reliable to trust upon for your business. Every month they launch services to get feedback from customers and make themselves a better choice for customers. They also give you an eco-friendly website to work upon and be helpful towards mother earth.

Every webmaster hopes to receive good support from the ASP.NET hosting provider without any delays. It is here that UKWindowsHostASP.NET proves more beneficial than other hosting providers. UKWindowsHostASP.NET’s support is significantly better with lower wait times for users at different hours of the day. In addition, UKWindowsHostASP.NET also have knowledgebase that very informative.

After prior experiences with UKWindowsHostASP.NET and other ASP.NET hosting support teams, we can confidently say UKWindowsHostASP.NET impressed us with their quick support via different channels.

FastComet is headquartered in San Francisco, but they feature a worldwide customer base of 45,000+ across 83 countries. That diverse customer base is supported by their eight server locations in major cities like Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Tokyo. Being private means there are only a few dozen people in the organization, whose actual names and faces appear on their site. (We’ll get into why that matters in a second.)

FastComet might be small in comparison to other hosting companies, but that can also work as an advantage. For starters, the team has been around the block a time or two. The public cloud hosting side of the business has officially been around since only 2013. But before that, the founding team had been in the hosting business for over nine years. They worked almost exclusively on System Admin for business clients (read: big, complex, expensive). So if they can take care of that, scaling down shouldn’t be a problem.


Windows Server Edition

We recommend Windows Server 2008, which comes with IIS7.0/7.5 to better support ASP.NET managed pipeline. Besides this, with IIS7.0 or above, you can rewrite URL without any performance lost (IIS6.0 doesn’t support URL Rewrite well, it’s not just unfriendly, but also causing performance issue).

ASP.NET Framework

Each ASP.NET website has to run in corresponding .NET framework. It would be great that the web server is installed with the latest ASP.NET frameworks including 4.0/3.5 SP1 and the version required by your ASP.NET application, by which you can avoid compatible issues and still have the possibility to upgrade to the higher version.

ASP.NET Trust Level

ASP.NET trust level in IIS will directly determine whether an ASP.Net website could run successfully in a web server. The ideal level is FULL Trust, with which you won’t have any problems unless your application accesses the system information. High Trust Level and Medium Trust Level still work well in most cases. But try to avoid an ASP.NET hosting at Low Trust or Minimal Trust as they restrict the websites seriously and your application even could not call the service out of process, such as database, network, etc.


If you build your application by leveraging ASP.NET MVC, then you should check whether it’s supported by your web servers. ASP.NET MVC 3 is integrated in .NET framework 4.0, but for v1 and v2, they are required for the installation manually. As ASP.NET MVC is widely used in asp.net developer community now, we tend to recommend asp.net hosting with this feature included.


Even ASP.NET works well with MySQL or other non-microsoft database, we still suggest to use database from Microsoft. SQL Server 2008 is preferred, but MS SQL Server 2008 Express edition is still a good option for a site which is not very busy.

Disk Space

When choosing an ASP.NET hosting product, one of the main features people should consider is the required disk space. Companies always provide customers with a variety packages, and their prices usually depend on the amount of disk space available.

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