Best and Cheap Luxembourg ASP.NET Cloud Hosting

Build websites, apps, and services with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can also create adaptive mobile sites, use real-time technologies like Web Sockets, and more. You can do anything in your cloud ASP.NET hosting. But sure you should find the best cloud ASP.NET hosting provider. To find the best cloud ASP.NET hosting provider that offers affordable price is not easy task. After reviewed many hosting provider that provide cloud ASP.NET hosting, finally we found one of the best cloud ASP.NET hosting that really offers the reliable services with affordable price.
Best and Cheap Luxembourg ASP.NET Cloud Hosting
ASPHostPortal is a Windows ASP.NET cloud hosting provider trusted by business and developers in over 80 countries since 2008! They offer their business clients and reseller partners a professional hosting solution that is easy to setup and manage with real-time web-based tools from anywhere in the World, 24/7. Their world-class data center and state-of-the-art cloud hosting environment is the backbone of their service. Their success is a direct result of our innovations and their dedication to providing reliable services and dependable support.

Why ASPHostPortal is The Best and Cheap Luxembourg ASP.NETCloud Hosting?

ASPHostPortal is a popular web hosting provider, aiming to offer the best value hosting solutions to ASP.NET masters. Generally speaking, the company only focuses on Windows hosting.

ASPHostPortal Features

To meet the needs of different people, ASPHostPortal offers some hosting plans for Windows feature hosting customers to choose. After checking each plan, we are safe to tell webmasters that all of these hosting solutions package rich Windows hosting features.
All of the hosting plans include following features:

Windows 2008/Windows 2012
PHP v. 5.5 / 5.4 / 5.3
Latest DotNetNuke version
ASP.NET v. 4.5.2/4.5.1
Latest MySql version
Latest Umbraco version
ASP.NET v. 4.0/3.5/2.0
Latest PHPMyAdmin
Latest nopCommerce version
Classic ASP & EF 6
Latest WordPress version
ASP.NET MVC v. 6.0
Zend Optimizer
Latest Joomla version
ASP.NET MVC v. 5.2/5.1.2
ionCube PHP Loader
Latest Drupal version
ASP.NET MVC v. 5.1.1/5.1
Cron Jobs
Latest BlogEngine.NET
Silverlight v. 5.0/4.0/3.0
ImageMagick, NetPBM, GD
Latest osCommerce version
Support Full Trust
Streaming Audio/Video
Latest Orchard version
Crystal Report 2013/2010
Latest CakePHP version
Latest Magento version
Visual Studio LightSwitch
Latest CI Framework version
Latest mojoPortal version
URL Rewrite
Latest Moodle version
WCF Service
More Than 100 Applications

ASPHostPortal Pricing

In terms of price, we are delighted to tell webmasters that it is hard to find a Windows hosting price-tagprovider that can beat ASPHostPortal.
In order to help webmasters widely get the service, ASPHostPortal gives considerable discount to them. With the latest promotion, ASPHostPortal Windows hosting customers only need to pay $2.00/mo to purchase the service rather than the regular price $3.00/mo.
In fact, ASPHostPortal is also a reliable web hosting provider that tries to satisfy the needs of webmasters at the extreme. Therefore, the company promises to guarantee 30 day full money back unconditionally.

ASPHostPortal Reliability

Thanks to the continuous dedication of ASPHostPortal engineers and top-notch technologies and Energy performance scale facilities, ASPHostPortal is powerful enough to offer a reliable, secure and stable environment to host their websites.
ASPHostPortal uses state of the art data centers that are supplied with fully redundant power supply, N+1 power, diesel generators, UPS and more to make sure the data centers can operate well without any failure. Furthermore, ASPHostPortal skilled technicians claim that they are monitoring the data centers day and night to ensure the best possible network.
At the same time, top of the line technologies, maximum bandwidth as well as multi-layer network service and more are all taken advantage of this company to make sure its customers can get extremely fast access speed all the time.
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