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How to Increase WordPress Memory Limit

A vast variety of themes, plugins, file types, and add-on applications are supported by WordPress, making it an adaptable platform. However, you could occasionally run[…]

WordPress vs Joomla – Which is Better?

There are several modular content management systems (CMS) with a strong foundation and vibrant community than WordPress. Another open-source platform that is free to install[…]

WordPress Error: Missing the MySQL Extension

This article describes how to resolve the error “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress”. What Causes[…]

How to Fix ASP.NET Core Bugs in A Production Environment

ASP.NET Core bugs in a production environment can be prevented through the use of testing. This can be done with automated tests, such as unit[…]

What Are WordPress Permalinks and How Should They Be Used?

Permalinks are the URLs that WordPress uses to point to specific, individual pieces of content on your website. Every page, blog post, product, or event[…]

How to Fix Error 500 in Prestashop?

Do you get any error named “500 error” during the installation of Prestashop or blank pages appear with error Prestashop 500 error or any error[…]

How to Create and Manage Articles in Joomla! 4

Introduction When creating content that will be featured on the front-end of your Joomla! website, you first have to understand a little bit about the[…]

How to Import Excel Data Into MySQL Using phpMyAdmin

SO YOU’VE CREATED A DATABASE FROM A BUNCH OF EXCEL DATA But how do you import the Excel data in MySQL? With phpMyAdmin the process[…]

How to Prevent Robots Crawling “add-to-cart” Links on WooCommerce

A few days ago we noticed that a WooCommerce site hosted on our platform is using much more CPU’s processing capacity compared to the number[…]

Build Online Courses With WordPress

Millions of people around the world have lost their jobs in 2020, forced to stay at home, taking their knowledge and wisdom with them. In[…]

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