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20May, 2021

10 Things You May Not Know WooCommerce Can Do

While WooCommerce is excellent for adding an online store to your WordPress, you may not realize that, as a plugin, it is versatile and is available for several other uses. Like WordPress, WooCommerce has multiple forms it can take, giving options for selling and methods of payment. What is it about WooCommerce that makes it […]

19Feb, 2021

How to Map a Custom Domain to My WordPress Site

It’s more complicated than I thought, but I’m going to lay out all the steps you need in the piece below. 1. For $13/year, add the custom domain you already own to WordPress. Go to your WordPress dashboard and find Configure -> Domains. “Add Domain” -> “Already own a domain? Map It.” You’ll have the […]

01Feb, 2021

Why You Should Using Joomla for Create a Website

If you are not sure about the benefits of using Joomla for creating a website then I suggest you read this comprehensive guide once. It will help you understand the benefits of this immensely popular content management system. It is an open-source free platform for publishing your content online. So, let’s now learn more about […]

14Jan, 2021

Prestashop vs WooCommerce: A Comparison of the Two Heroes of the Online Store Platform

Get acquainted with Online Store Platforms: Prestashop and WooCommerce The e-commerce platform is a technology in the form of software that can help you develop an online store. In it, there are important features for online business. For example, product search features, shopping carts, payment systems, etc. Prestashop and WooCommerce both have features for building and […]

15Dec, 2020

Easy Way to Get Accepted to AdSense

How do you ensure that you get accepted to adsense the first time you apply? What do you need to know about the approval process and what to do if you are not accepted to the program? Google adsense is one of the most popular ways to make money online because it’s very easy to […]

24Nov, 2020

What’s New in Angular 11?

Highlights of the latest upgrade to the Google-developed web framework include stricter types, router performance improvements, and automatic font inlining. Angular 11, the latest upgrade to the Google-developed web framework, has just been published as a production release. Highlights include stricter types, router performance improvements, and automatic inlining of fonts. With this last feature, apps […]

16Nov, 2020

Cloud Hosting VS. Traditional Hosting

In an era of tight budgets many businesses, from enterprise level to small and medium sized business, are looking for efficient new ways to manage their web hosting needs. The hosting environment is changing, and some are now looking beyond traditional setups, and into the possibilities of cloud hosting. Traditional Hosting Traditional hosting comes mainly […]

14Oct, 2020

Best WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Site

Why Use a WordPress Security Plugin? There are around 18.5 Million websites infected with malware at any given time each week. An average website is attacked 44 times every day, which includes both WordPress and non-WordPress websites. A security breach on your website can cause some serious damage to your business. Hackers can steal your […]

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