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Responsive Design Tips for Your WordPress Site

Considering that smartphones have outstripped desktops regarding online searches, you must allow that “mobile is the future.” With the steep rise in the mobile audience and Google’s mobile-friendly updates, many companies worldwide have started to pay attention to adopting responsive design. Responsive layouts are one of the most crucial factors that enable companies to offer […]

21Jan, 2020

Tips to Speed Up WordPress Performance

Think of your server’s proximity The closer a server is to your visitors, the smaller the latency they’ll experience. That’s why it’s key to know where most of your visitors are based to define your server’s proximity. A quick way to find the best location for your servers is to look at Google Analytics to […]

12Nov, 2019

What is Actually Happening to SmarterASP.NET?

In recent days Twitter with #smarterasp hashtags has had a lot of complaints from customers. SmarterASP.NET is one of the largest ASP.NET hosting companies, with more than 440,000 customers. Companies of this size were suddenly attacked by Ransomware. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a victim’s files. The attacker then […]

24May, 2019

Top Features in Windows Server 2019

Windows Admin Center. Number 1, the Windows Admin Center. Windows Admin Center or WAC is the future of remote server management, designed to modernize and simplify the IT administration experience.  All New Windows Server 2019 Features are surfaced in the Windows Admin Center.  It’s replacement for “In Box” administration tools – Like Server Manager, DHCP […]

21Mar, 2019

Best WordPress Themes to Boost Your Ecommerce Website

WordPress is a reliable, easily managed, and scalable platform to run an online business. Creating an appealing and SEO-friendly ecommerce site is key to enhancing engagement with potential customers and helping them convert to loyal customers. WordPress is usually the first choice for ecommerce website development due to the variety in terms of themes, content management excellence, […]

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