Best Cheap Hosting with CodeGuard (Cloud Backup) Recommendation

CodeGuard (Cloud Backup) Overview

CodeGuard is the leading provider of cloud website backup services with over 100,000 websites and databases backed up at 99.9% reliability levels and over 25,000 customers globally. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, CodeGuard, Inc. is transforming website management with innovative, patent-pending technologies that empower non-techies with powerful and easy-to-use tools. TAG Top 40 Innovative Company in Georgia, and winner of awards from ATDC/TAG CapVenture, Venture Atlanta, TechCrunch Disrupt, CodeGuard has been featured in USA Today and Inc. Magazine.
Best Cheap Hosting with CodeGuard (Cloud Backup) Recommendation
The main idea of the service is to make your site safe, secure and protected against all kinds of bad things without you – the website admin/owner – even being actively in the picture. CodeGuard does all the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. CodeGuard works regardless of the platform your site runs on (whether WordPress, Joomla!, some other CMS or a completely custom solution, CodeGuard can handle it).
That being said, it’s not a standard piece of software that you would download, install, etc. CodeGuard works on a SaaS model (Software as a Service), which is just a fancy name for a subscription-based online service. This means that you get billed every month for the operations CodeGuard performs for you.
CodeGuard connects to your site through FTP and seamlessly goes to work for you backing up and monitoring your files. Unlike traditional cloud storage services like DropBox, CodeGuard can be setup to backup your website hourly, daily or monthly and stores a unique image of your site each time.
CodeGuard Pro members never worry about breaking their websites. An amazing “rollback” feature works just like an undo tool, letting you effortlessly restore a previous version of an entire site.
The rollback feature could be particularly helpful when dealing with CMS updates that can at times break a customized website.

CodeGuard Benefits:

CodeGuard provides website backup, monitoring and malware remediation services. Using this tool you can notice the following benefits:
  • When the account is activated CodeGuard begins daily monitoring and backup. Whenever changes are detected, a report on file additions, modifications, or deletions is sent to the site owner.
  • Backups are kept offsite and not on our servers. Offsite backup option provides an independence from the reliability of the server.
  • As CodeGuard checks changes it is capable to detect each code-based malware insertion, even if it was not found during virus scan in your control panel.

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