Big Sale 35% OFF Best India Windows Server 2016 Web Hosting Provider

Windows Server wasn’t merely supposed to be run in a local datacenter or up in a cloud. It’s been positioned as a key component for Microsoft’s vision of a hybrid cloud that seamlessly spans locales and provides a substrate for applications that also bridge the divide (for example, SQL Server and its Stretch Database Service).

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of container support in Windows Server. Microsoft has reengineered its flagship enterprise product to accommodate an open source technology that’s fast becoming a staple for assembling and deploying applications. Two varieties of containers appear in Windows Server: the conventional Docker unit, and a Hyper-V variety for extra protection, depending on the workload.

Nano Server is an attempt by Microsoft to create a Windows Server complement to cloud-native, container-based application systems like CoreOS, or to support single-use applications like IIS or DNS (roles recently made available to Nano). Again, the implications for hybrid cloud are there, but it also means even less reason to think of Windows Server as something only suited to heavy-duty deployments.

Why Should You Upgrade?

The last Windows Server version to reach End of Life was Windows Server 2003. Hopefully you’re not still running services on that platform and if you are, you definitely need to upgrade as soon as possible. End of Life products receive no new features or fixes, meaning that the operating system is potentially vulnerable to security breaches. The subsequent generation of Windows Server to be mothballed, the 2008 R2 platform, has already had mainstream support withdrawn but is still covered through extended support agreements where these were already in place. However, these are also due to end completely in less than three years in January 2020.

As well as the security concerns of having your business-critical infrastructure hosted on unsupported hardware, it’s important to consider the pace of change in technology. WS2016 is the most up to date hardware available from Microsoft, featuring significant and impressive upgrades.

Big Sale 35% OFF Best India Windows Server 2016 Web Hosting Provider

WindowsASPNETHosting.IN, one of the best ASP.NET hosting provider in India. WindowsASPNETHosting.IN is an innovative web hosting brand which is tapped by a group of experienced developers. It has been devoting itself to providing unbeatable ASP.NET hosting solutions for more than 10,000 websites all over the world, and enjoys high reputation from webmasters ranging from freelancers and small businesses to corporations and enterprises.

Plans and Pricing

They have 4 windows basic shared hosting plan that you can choose. They have good pricing and features. For more information, please read it below:

Personal Plan

Perfect hosting for personal or small start-ups which starts at only INR 103.99/month. This packages provides1 GB storage, 10 GB traffic, 1 parked domain, email accounts with 50 MB email space. All kind of .NET technology is supported in this starting hosting package.

Developer Plan

This package is able to hold up to unlimited websites which is enough for medium enterprises or big personal start-ups. Get 3 GB storage and 30 GB data transfer privileges at only INR 194.99/month. This package has included MSSQL and MySQL database, unlimited email accounts.

Business Plan

Perfect choice for business website that requires high traffic. This package is able to host unlimited websites with 10 GB storage and 50 GB data transfer. This plan start from only INR 441.99/month.

Expert Plan

Biggest package of comes with unlimited websites, 50 GB storage capacity and 100 GB data transfer for providing the best support to any big business. A free domain, extra security suite, free SSL certificate and a dedicated IP come along with this package which starts at INR 714.99/month.

The Latest and The Most Reliable System uses the latest windows OS which is Windows Server 2016 web edition with the robust IIS 8.5 to ensure the highest quality of service to its customers. Moreover, it continuously optimizes the whole system by it experienced ASP.NET developers.

The Latest .NET Technology

It supports the latest version of .NET which is Core version along with previous versions like .NET Framework 5 or .NET Framework 4. Besides, it supports all .NET based technology such as ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5, Silverlight 4/5, WebMatrix, Classic ASP, web sockets, WCF RIA services, Entity Framework, URLRewrite2, GZip etc.

Reliability uses top quality backup service and internet connection which ensure 99.9% uptime and the whole system is 24×7 hours monitored by technicians. It automatically backups all the servers daily as well as checks for virus, trojan and malware every week. In addition uses cisco firewall to ensure safety from DDOS attack.

24×7 Support consists of skilled and experienced Microsoft technology specialist based on our truly experience talking with their staff. They have comprehensive knowledge and understanding on Microsoft solutions such as MS SQL Server, .NET Framework and IIS management. Meanwhile, you can imagine that is really a technology oriented ASP.NET web hosting company. 24×7 support time that you can contact anytime. Their customer support will always ready to help you within 30 minutes. You may also read their knowledgebase and their blog.


Robust Hardware

All the servers of this company is manufactured by Dell for better and continuous service. It’s 32GB+ RAM, Duel core processors, RAID 5 SSD and BGP connections indicates the strong physical status of


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