WordPress 4.3.1 Tips - How to Choosing The Right WordPress Theme?

WordPress 4.3.1 Tips – How to Choosing The Right WordPress Theme?

Changing your WordPress theme on your website is a lot of work. A bad theme, on the other hand, can bring with it a whole lot of problems including slowing down your site drastically or bringing your site down. Hence it is very important to make the right decision while choosing a theme. This article presents tips that will help you with this decision-making.

Decide what you need from your new theme that you do not currently have

This has been the number one force driving me each time I decided to make a change to my website. The first time it was because our site could not display a lot of content and was downright ugly. The second was because we could not display our cover on the homepage. Later came a design that focused more on subscriptions and another that focused on more space for ads. Whatever you are lacking right now, keep in consideration that your homepage will get more views than any other page on the website, so be sure to highlight the items that you want more of.

Choose a theme that will help you monetize your site

This is something that I did not do well at first, but is now a top priority when it comes to choosing designs. If you make most of your income from ads on your site, do not do yourself a disservice and choose a theme that has little to no advertising spaces on the homepage. This is your most visible page on your site, and will get more visitors than any other page. If you make most of your income from your email list, choose a theme that is focused on subscribers first! If you are earning money from your blog, this is something you absolutely have to consider.

Choose a theme that looks good

This is definitely an important factor since you want to have a site that is appealing. While this should not be the first thing you look for when choosing a WordPress theme, it should be considered. I do not believe that you should have to sacrifice the beauty of your site for functionality, so keep looking until you find the one that is both appealing and functional.

Know where to shop for WordPress Themes

Once you decide on what you want, it’s time to shop! While a good Google search never hurt anyone, I think it helps to know where to find the good stuff.

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