Best and Cheap SugarCRM 8 Cloud Hosting Recommendation

Best Cheap SugarCRM 8 Cloud Hosting Recommendation

SugarCRM 8 can easily be modified, extended and integrated with other business applications and data sources with any editions, to meet changing needs quickly and effectively, and to enable a wide range of solutions, at relatively low cost.  

What’s New in SugarCRM 8?

SugarCRM has been on a roll with their quarterly feature delivery model for cloud releases. We are all very excited about their latest Spring ‘18 offering which together with the SugarCRM 7.11 Winter ’18 and Fall ’17 have culminated into the annual on-premise Sugar 8 release that promises to be the most feature packed and robust SugarCRM experience yet.

This latest release addresses bugs identified in prior releases, specifically issues with Global Search failing to return results and with Cron.php when a job takes longer to complete than expected.

GDPR Support and Data Privacy Management

Sugar 8 comes with a whole host of data privacy features baked into it out of the box. This is primarily in response to the new EU data privacy regulations going into effect soon and to help Sugar users in readily complying with them. At the forefront of it all is the new Data Privacy Module and the Data Privacy Manager role. These along with other various additions and configurations are specifically designed to assist users in staying on top of data privacy requests from their customers and prospects.

To learn more about the Data Privacy Management features in Sugar 8, read: Data Privacy Management and GDPR features in Sugar 8.

Product Catalog Dashlet

First introduced in the Sugar Winter ’18 release, the Product Catalog dashlet resides within the intelligence pane and provides a quick glimpse into all your product offerings, allowing users to quickly breeze through their catalog, explore product details and add products to quotes with just a single click. Prior to Spring ’18 however, the dashlet was restricted to the Quotes but has now been made available throughout Sugar and can now be added to other Sidecar modules and the home page. This will also allow Enterprise and Ultimate edition users to create new pre-populated revenue line items directly from an opportunity or account record.

Advanced Workflow

SugarCRM Enterprise and Ultimate users have been putting Advanced Workflow to great use even since it first arrived on the scene. It has allowed them to automate countless business processes throughout the application, enabling them to focus on forging even stronger ties with their customers. Spring ’18 bring yet another exciting update to Advanced Workflow with Run-time execution, granting users even greater flexibility and control over their workflow actions with regards to time. This means they can add a time element at any stage of the workflow allowing Sugar to execute actions based on elapsed times.

Modern Look and Feel

Also introduced as part of Winter ‘18, the new Sugar UX has come a long ways since days of Sugar 7. Sugar 8 boasts a sleek and modern UI, with a more elegant color scheme that is easy on the eyes as well as easy to use. It is also consistent with Sugar mobile making for a more seamless experience across all your devices.

Actionable Drill through charts

Actionable drill through charts also remain ever present in Sugar 8, extending to you the ability to explore your data directly from a dashlet chart by pulling up a list view of any report segment. Needless to say these charts were very interactive to begin with but SugarCRM has managed to take things up a notch and enriched it further with cool features like the ability to make inline edits and mass updates to your records directly from the list view. These changes are instantly reflected in the relevant chart dashlet, making the whole process more intuitive and efficient.

The Bottom Line!

Built keeping in mind the post-GDPR business landscape, Sugar 8 sets out to put its users at the helm of their data privacy management processes while also fleshing out and building upon features from past releases.

Best & Cheap SugarCRM 8 Cloud Hosting

SugarCRM 8 is the commercial Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for companies of all sizes. Sugar easily adapts to any business environment by offering a more flexible, cost-effective alternative than proprietary applications. Choose for your SugarCRM 8 Hosting needs and your experience will be so sweet. With their easy-to-use auto-installer, you can setup SugarCRM 8 with 1-click! Pricing ASP.NET hosting has four plans: Host Intro, Host One, Host Two and Host Three. The regular price of these 4 plans starts from $1.00/mo, $5.00/mo, $9.00/mo, and $14.00/mo respectively. Now, they are providing FREE DOMAIN and DOUBLE SQL Space for new clients to enjoy the company’s outstanding web hosting service at a low cost from just $5.00/mo. Of course, with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, customers can cancel the account and request their money back within the first 30 days if they are dissatisfied with ASPHostPortal service. Review on Reliability

They are so confident in their backup contingency plans that they offer a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee with all their Website, Reseller and Cloud Server Hosting Packages. To gain better speed and update for ASP.NET, only uses powerful servers with Xeon Processor Multi Core, 8 GB RAM or higher, Min 1000 Mbps connection, RAID 1 Protected. Support Service for SugarCRM 8

If you have a question, wish to make an inquiry or would like more information on their products and services, please send a direct email to If you are their existing customers and you like to send SUPPORT or BILLING inquiry, please login to their Help Desk System. SugarCRM 8 Cloud Hosting is Recommended offer one of the most cost-effective and reliable SugarCRM 8 hosting in the industry, and it’s highly recommended by us when hosting SugarCRM 8 site. To know more about, please visit now.

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