Joomla Error Displaying The Error Page

‘Joomla error displaying the error page’ is one of the common errors in Joomla that troubles many customers.

Generally, this error occurs due to an error in the configuration file or due to database corruption.

How we fix the Joomla error displaying the error page

There are quite different reasons for this error to occur. Let’s now look into those reasons:

1. Incorrect details in the configuration file

The main reason for this error to occur is due to improper details set in the configuration file. It can be an incorrect database name or incorrect prefix set.

The general data that we provide about MySQL in the configuration file is as below.

Here, if any details given are wrong then the website will throw errors.

Recently, one of our customers approached us with the same error message. First, we checked the configuration file which was available in the path /www/

Here, we found that the username and the password for the website were set incorrectly. We updated the right ones and this fixed the error.

2. Bad permissions

Permissions always play a vital role in the working of files and folders. If any file on the website has improper permission then it will affect the working of the website.

It is very essential to have the right permissions set on the website files and folders.

3. Database corruption

If the database of the website corrupts then it will also cause an error in the website.

So, the best option is to keep the database optimized and try repairing the database and its tables if there is an error occurs on the website.

So, we first check the status of the database. For that, we run the below command.

service mysql status

Also, we try repairing the tables of the database using the command:

myisamchk <database> <server>

mysqlcheck -r <database> <postname>


In short, the Joomla error displaying the error page mainly occurs due to trouble in the configuration file or a corrupt database.

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