How to Keep Your Audience Reading?

SEO Tips #5: How to Keep Your Audience Reading?
Keep your audience for still reading is very important thing. Because if you have many visitors in your site but they just spent little time in your site, you will get high bounce rate. So you should make sure that your audience will spent much time in your site to make your bounce rate shorter. In this article, we will tell you some tips for keep your audience reading.

1. Make sure your information is easy and clear to index.

Ugly things like broken links, Page Not Found messages, title tags and meta tags hurt your website’s search-ability. Clear these things out so that the spiders that crawl the Web and index sites (and determine their page rank) can more easily interpret your content.

2. Use a Content Managing System (CMS) to your advantage.

Try to focus on creating unique features instead of going for minor fixes. Content Managing Systems provide procedures to help systematize information, often used to run websites containing blogs, news or business marketing. The New York Times uses a CMS called Scoop. Another popular CMS is WordPress, which is both accessible to the public and easy to use.

3. Be ready to go before you publish.

You should have a checklist ready before you go live. Doesn’t allow bloggers to publish a post until the post has covered all the online bases: a searchable headline, tags, images, links, a tweet, and pre-composed Facebook post. That way your posts remain unchanged once published, making them more search-engine-friendly.

4. Archive well.

One of the greatest walls the New York Times hit in their Innovation Report was not having a clear, easy way to sort through their 15 million archived articles published since 1851. None of the content was tagged or organized, and it therefore became impossible for them to optimize any of the archive data.  So keep tabs on articles as they are published, so that you can carefully and precisely categorize content with tags that will be easy to search for in the future.

5. Recirculate, regenerate, re-use…re-click.

You want your audience to leave wanting more. Really, you want your audience to be wanting more while reading. Make your content relatable to other relevant content on your website, so your readers stay on your website longer.

6. Be conscious of the time you publish.

You want your audience to be online when you’re publishing. The most popular time for an audience (especially a news audience), is an early-morning website perusal with breakfast and coffee. Don’t be publishing your content in the wee hours of the morning or during dinnertime. Catch your audience when they’re looking. For news organizations specifically, Sundays are the most popular days for print readership, with mornings and early afternoons being the most popular time for online readership.

7. Comment bubbles…not so comment-able.

According to the New York Times report, a mere 1% of their readers write comments. 3% of readers (claim to) read them. Enough said.

8. Be flexible, fast and relevant.

Plan for next week’s content before you’ve published this week’s. Get ahead of the game and know your audience. This may not directly improve your SEO, but it will spare your sanity, giving you more mental capacity to devote to your SEO.
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