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07Nov, 2014

SEO Tips #6: Increase Your Income and Growing Your Company

SEO Tips for Increase Your Income and Growing Your Company Using Google Analytics for Keyword Ideas Using the content report section of Google Analytics you can pull a report that shows which landing pages drove organic visitors to your website. To take things a step further you add a secondary dimension as “keyword” to see which keywords […]

08Jul, 2014

SEO Tips #3: Very Simple SEO Tips

Very Simple SEO Tips Hello SEO lovers, in this post I wanna tell you about “Very Simple SEO Tips”. Yeah, sometimes SEO is not so difficult or complex, sometimes SEO can be simple. Can you believe that? Well, let see my very simple SEO tips. 1. KEYWORD 1.1. Keyword Research You have to find out […]

01Jul, 2014

SEO Tips #1: Alexa Review for SEO

What is Alexa? Do you know about Alexa? Do you wanna know what Alexa is? Yeah you can visit this site at http://www.alexa.com/. For the SEO analyst, of course you know this one. Alexa is one of important thing in SEO. Why Alexa is important? What the relationship between Alexa and SEO? Alexa is site […]

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