SEO Tips - How to Get Better SEO?

How to Get Better SEO?


Find the keywords Google attributes to your site

Use free Google Keyword Planner tool, which can be used to input your website’s home page URL and review the keyword ideas Google provides. You should also do the same for two or three competitive sites.

Optimize content for relevant, long-tail keywords

A long-tail keyword phrase is one with more than two or three word. One of the most pivotal aspects of driving large volumes of search traffic in most verticals is effectively targeting long tail keywords. While ranking for competitive phrases and developing link authority are certainly crucial aspects of SEO, much of ranking on long tail keywords is properly targeting and optimizing for them.

Get keyword ideas from customers

Understand which words your customers use to describe your product by asking them face to face, on a website form, or in a survey. Once you learn this, structure your Web content around it. Use the same lingo they use on your site, because those are the words and phrases that they use to search for you.

Do basic on-page optimization

Google is getting smarter about figuring out what a page is about, but it still helps to make it really clear your page is about a specific keyword.

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