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SEO Tips - How to Get Better SEO?
10Nov, 2015

SEO Tips – How to Get Better SEO?

How to Get Better SEO? Keywords Find the keywords Google attributes to your site Use free Google Keyword Planner tool, which can be used to input your website’s home page URL and review the keyword ideas Google provides. You should also do the same for two or three competitive sites. Optimize content for relevant, long-tail […]

SEO Tips - SEO Mistakes Not To Make In WordPress
03Nov, 2015

SEO Tips – How to Improving Your SEO?

These are some of core tips that you need to know about improving your SEO via your social media efforts: If you’re already plugged into social media and constantly looking for the next realtime trend to jump on, you can take that awareness a step further to improve your SEO. By jumping on these trends […]

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