SEO Tips - SEO Mistakes Not To Make In WordPress

These are some of core tips that you need to know about improving your SEO via your social media efforts:

If you’re already plugged into social media and constantly looking for the next realtime trend to jump on, you can take that awareness a step further to improve your SEO. By jumping on these trends to get relevant content up, you can get the best seat at Google’s table before your competition even arrive at the restaurant. If you want to get extra specific, use a keyword tool to see what terms around that trend are already getting high search traffic to maximize your opportunities.

All major search engines are trying to give their users the best and most useful results. No longer can spammy website owners just jam every blog comment section with links back to their site in a hope to shoot up to the front page. You have to become a reliable brand that people want to know about. The more people you have who are positively aware of your brand via social media and are actively seeking it on search engines, the higher your chances of receiving a good ranking.

A good social media and SEO partnership doesn’t just include your main website or sales links, it can help your content marketing too. If you create a healthy bit of discussion and engagement around your content then it can punch well above its weight amongst larger competitors in search engines.

Credible links to your site will still help with SEO. An engaged community on social media won’t just share the link on their social networks, they will link to it in their blogs or articles. These are the kind of links that search engines look to reward, and your chances of receiving them are greatly improved if you’ve created a community on social media who care about what you have to say.

Following on from the last point, building relationships with key influencers in your field isn’t just a great way of getting a good presence on social media, it can benefit your SEO as well. People with an audience will give you a good bit of publicity and extra traffic when they feature you, but on top of that the quality of links coming from their site can make you significantly more attractive to search engines.

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