The Windows 10 has come up with so many features, boosted performance, smooth UI, and a lot of flexibilities that none can resist migrating from their older operating system to it. Owing to all those acclamations about the latest Windows 10, you must have made up your mind to finally bring your computer up to date. But wait! Besides so many improvements, there are indeed a few disadvantages need to be considered too.

If you are a guy who is still operating the computer on the ancient Windows 7 or 8.1 and thinking out of upgrading it to the latest Windows 10, this article will help you comprehend advantage and disadvantages of Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the latest modernization done by the Microsoft in desktop as well as tablet platforms. It is the most advanced operating system designed by the Microsoft ever. The best thing about this OS update is that the company focused on bettering the previous versions of the Windows rather than a complete revamp. You again get the nostalgic start button from late 90s computers along with all those fancy apps tiles from Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 is a refined version of all those operating systems we have been using ever since. With the denial of upcoming Windows 11 or 12, the Windows 10 has become the ultimate software by Microsoft which will be regularly getting updates, making it a future-ready operating system.

Let’s have a look at what the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10 are.

Advantages of Windows 10

Desktop as well as tablet-friendly OS

Windows 8 was proven to be best-suited OS for touchscreen laptops or tablets with colorful tiles and no start button. However, the regular computer user had to carry the can. Thankfully, the Windows 10 put those things together and introduced the older Start button giving you the shortest direction toward your downloaded apps along with an option to transform your computer a touch-friendly tablet.


The Microsoft revamped the previous aero snap feature seen in Windows 7 first time to a wonderful multi-screen Windows system. With this feature, you can type your documents simultaneously watching your favorite YouTube video. All you need to do is press Windows key+Up/Down/Right/Left key and customize your single screen into two or more screens.

Switch between Apps more easily

Microsoft did a very great job by adding a feature to the latest Windows OS called ‘Task View’. A click on the task view allows you to not only manage and switch between your running apps but also add a new Desktop! Yes, you heard it right; a completely clean desktop is another cool feature of Windows 10. This type of feature was first seen in IOS 10 and was very productive. You can switch between numbers of workspaces quickly and it can be the best new feature for single display devices.

One personal assistant

What could be more valuable than getting a free assistant that is so accurate and punctual? Cortana is the best gift that Microsoft presented to all the latest Windows 10 users. Though the Cortana was originally meant for Windows smartphones just like Siri in IOS, nobody knows how this amazing idea of employing her to desktop came in their minds. The personal assistant is going to help you find things inside your computer as well as over the internet easily. The assistant works very fine with voice commands, and it regularly learns your daily requirements. It can remind you of your important meetings, birthdays, and lots more. That’s not all, the coolest job that Cortana does is its mobile phone synchronization feature. Whether you have an Android or Windows phone, all your messages, WhatsApp, Callings, etc. can be easily operated directly through your personal computer.

More Gaming

Thanks to the DirectX 12 API, all gamers might find Windows 10 quite a preferable option. The DirectX 12 is a collection of application programming interfaces, which allows your computer to exchange data with hardware including graphics card very smoothly. All these ultimately enable you to play games more efficiently with the same hardware.

Pocket-friendly OS

Though migrating to a newer version of Windows used to cost you a large amount of money in the past and sometimes it cost more than $100, intriguingly, the all new Windows 10 is absolutely free for previous Windows 7 and 8 users. If you wish to upgrade your PC, don’t rush to the shop to waste your hard earned money. The download option for Windows 10 is right there in the Control Panel of your computer. You only need to pay if you set up a new computer. And the best part of the up gradation is, the Windows 10 needs the same hardware specifications as that of 7 and 8.

Disadvantages of Windows 10

Privacy issue

Though we love how Cortana performs her job by giving you all the stuff at right time, some people found it a bit intrusive in the privacy. After a year, you might not notice that Cortana knows many things about you that even you don’t remember. Hence, espionage on your lifestyle can be the very disgusting thing to accept. It is shocking that in spite of switching off of these entire features may not help you evade those investigators.

Not Exactly a Free OS Update

Have you ever thought why Microsoft has suddenly become so generous? Actually, it’s not all free. You are indirectly doing service for them by testing their software. Besides, the present Windows 10 software is just a kind of Beta version which has a lot of bugs and loopholes. In addition to these, Microsoft has loaded your computer with lots of unwanted services such as Skype, One Drive, etc. that will surely earn all the development expenses from you without letting you know.

Not touch friendly

Although Windows 10 comes with ‘Tablet Mode’, using it with touch screen devices is not as easy as it used to be. In other words, its OS has become somewhat like Windows XP. Besides, if you really like colorful Windows 8 cool interface, upgrading to Windows 10 can make your life a little dull.

No Media Centre

Not all of us are addicted to the legendary Windows Media Centre, but it matters a lot for people who do a lot of work on it. No one knows why Microsoft did not include this basic app in their newer up gradation.

Although there are indeed many advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10, the extremely low cost up gradation, better gaming performance, and many more features outstrips its disadvantages. In our opinion, it is an operating system worth considering.

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